Planting Weekends

March 31st - April 2nd || April 7th - 8th

Attend an Informational Gardening Class

Know the best ways to get your garden to grow

Worried about whether your flowers will flourish or wilt? Fairview Gardens can help. We offer gardening classes to help people know the right way to care for the plants they purchase. You can sign up for the date and time more convenient for you.

Classes involve a greenhouse tour followed by guided planting. You can bring your own containers, or choose a container from our selection. Then, you can leave the plants with us and come back to pick them up in May.

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Learn more about the way our classes work

Costs depend on your botanical creations. You can buy:

  • Gardening supplies and seeds
  • Customizable pots
  • Soil by the scoop
Our staff will help you customize your creation to get the most out of your gardening experience.

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